Gestalt debate: Is it the whole is GREATER or DIFFERENT than the sum of the parts? We know that it could be both, but at least we have to concede that it is different because mathematics is part of God and not vice versa. Right? Intellectuals always think their branch describes all the others and thus is superior to all the others but in reality Jesus is the LOGOS of God and he is a PERSON which is why he said to Philip I AM THE WAY. Meaning, the theories all point to a PERSON, which is ME. The word greater implies...something only God can be the superlative right, like Jesus said "why do you call me good? No one is good, but God alone." NO ONE IS GOOD BUT GOD ALONE. So any goodness there is, in us or anything, originates with and belongs to God thus cancels out arrogance and pride. Credit for the original of this mashup goes to Francis Cabral, Je l'aime a mourir.
If you cry every time you hear the song, then you touched it where it is.
The psyche is like the body. -It's like a body wound-if it hurts when you touch it, thats where the center of the wound is.
So stop, and listen to your heart. If it hurts too much and you can't, then do something totally different.
LIKE for example we put the fun fun fun song here, which makes you feel better. and btw Magick city ' not a brujo meeting its just a bar or something idk O MY GOD I thought it was encantations. LOL. Dont even . THERAPY WITH JEMMY WAS LIKE END OF DEC. (I think he first came in an obvious way like end of Nov.)