5 genn. we could all fall asleep in the "bunker" listening to "taylz" like that,
I think even Jah put awy the sugar soaker weapon for the night cuz everybody was being so peaceable just grooving and listening
and the necromancer crew called a truce with Jah so they could drop a few tunes in the booth.
pura vida, Synthecide, whether in TSX or on the outside, though I may sometimes have to hide, yet this message is bonafide: big love.
HUMAN PITCH check these underwater gifs, I'm ducking heat rn so yeah underwater is good lol.

dtw drops heat. no one ducks. lol Lot radio mondiale.
dtw ma dai lascia stare sti minghiati lol-saluti uueeee come dicono i calabrese
Thanks Barbie and Paul for the magical musical trax. Ammazza voialtri.
Ben tornati a Brookalina LI. 314 totally.
? quietness, and listening.
It's important to think about what you say before you say it, thus the meaning is more clear maybe not just to other people, but also to you too.

4 gen. ii crew great show sweet vocal thanks 4 standing up-SS and crew, you guys look sick up there.
trax are gold. kinda like the gold hubcaps on the porsche out front. Made u look lol
CR that Lakota track Doe!!!!!! The trees must have told Joey's Camel the way out of the desert, u know in the tree-camel dialect.
Whole set just blew up the city
We need to like, learn that soon so we can talk better.
LPH great set white boy. White is cool too I mean, the inside of an apple is white and I should know since I just ate one.
Hey Eddie Mac we gonna holla back. O Loretta, we need to holler out to David Guetta (cuz its so danger zone).
can't even articulate all stuff
Feel fragile.
hey wildlife. hey Tiziano just to be clear that whole popoli thing, the popoli fruit in the Daze of Haze thing, is not italian (In italian tizio, is just "some guy" where as I think tiziano was an artist sometime like Giotto and caravaggio which I LOVE. and popoli is peeps but yea you get some punk rocker with both those names)but as I say, in this blogs popoli tree its from the Ray Bartlette thing which if you ever saw in Battery Park on youtube he can fly over a lot of cars then he climbed up the popoli tree in the island and that's a whole other story but obvsiouly the word sounds the same popoli and popOli fruit tree. Its just that it might not mean exactly the same, in the rasta langauges.

thanks JS maybe u r a troublemaker but who cares? lol all u were trying to do is free the captured trax who are nailed on the cross of love so they could make that LA to NYC tour with the crew, and hit le bain in honor of The Musical Padrino, Jimmy.
There is only respect and love rn.

In honor of the Holy Name of Jah (jesus) Haze king haters jealousy meme

2 gen. pf dat 9pm percussion doe!!!!
rascal reporters could this be any cooler? the ghost is in there but maddy is out here MIRACLES you just killed it. tyvm for dropping 4 the city.
we hear what u sayin' siobahn, wtg siobahn squad.
PK LLEGO LA BANDA totally did.
So we is all being peaceful. EXACTLY. JAH RULZ.
on a scale of lotty to lousy lotty ten lousy none!!
and after leo blasted us off into the nebulae we are just floating with PK in the siren seas of space.
We salute the captains Ivan is that the name?.
The stars are shining out here like blue jemz.
Are we KNEE DEEP in this dose of SOUL. or just cherchant soleil until we got FATIKado. lol? ("second hand " on the sundial and all that Egyptian tombstone zodiac stuff ).
"just hold on", and we'll find out. Meanwhile we have to let love control our mind, and dont look back at what we left behind,
just slide into the stellar galaxy of worldwide love.

like volcanos