haze ward-dinnertime horrors. Most people dont' realize the origins of the song "jah jah protect me" so here it is.
Milk dud returns from a furlough to the market with a load of goods and and begins a long labor over a hot stove.
Hank can't help but get curious. "what's the deal in here? I can't place the aroma offhand."
You heard of dinner with L? yeah, well you aint HAD it yit till u experience all this ethiopian stuff here.
Jumping up and down with glee, dud sticks her hand into the pot and says, Here, try this indera, tibs and chechebsa. I mean u aint lived till u had this stuff!
"jahjah protect me," Hank shouts, fleeing the kitchen as if the hounds of hell were after him.
Come on, Hank, I have to try this stuff out on somebody! "Y not yourself then?"--"I dont have any appetite.!"
Well, neither do I, --we angels aren't really into food-- we just like --you know--pretend, to make you humans happy."
Leaping a barrier like a gazelle, (or an Ethiopian runner for that matter) Hank hurriedly hustled his way down the street followed by a persistent milk dud, chechebsa in fist.
Confusticate and bebother it, you recreant! Milk dud yelped (those lines are from the Hobbit, I think). I thought you were on my side!
"In this case, I'm on the other side of the Blue Nile", Hank huffed, attempting in vain to clear the river and escape the culinary condemnation.
Luckily, blue jemz was in the blue nile looking for more blue jemz (or is it jamz?) and he reached up and yanked Hank down into an underwater cave, (like how Jack Sparrow escaped from the soldiers with Will Turner) so yeah, Jah jah did protect them in the end.
Milk dud and her injera sat on the near side of the Nile until she dozed off again dreaming of --well--whatever it is duds dream of.
And that is the origin of that expression, Jah jah protect me, though Paapkahn may not tell u so,

7 am at the haze ward and things are bustling. Milk dud trots over to see Hank, saluting him politely. Sir. Ma'am, he returns the salute. What can I do you for?
Paradise time? Pack your sack, angelface. "No, not yet." what's the delay?
"well, lets see, we spent 45 mins on the paper, browsed the net for a while, then zoning on Ethiopian music,
random snips of the haze king on mixcloud and then trying to convince yourself to eat oatmeal and biscotti. At that rate, I'll give you a C."
well then, I rephrase my earlier comment to --get a grip, heavenly skip. "And I answer back, "Pro tip: if you want to take that trip, don't give me no lip."

Four thirty at the Haze ward, and with the medicine provided by the handler, dud had been able to snooze for a while. She got up and wandered down tot he break room, knocking politely on the door. "May I come in, please, o angelic ones?" Now see that's better, said Hank. Come on." Hank was playing cards with Sid the card shark. "hey" said dud.
"glad to see you gave up the tantrum approach." Hank said. Remember, God doesn't show up until you shut up. Want some cassata? "no thanks."
"Still not hungry, aye? Want to make up a song? We could do another miley one." "nah."
want to go tooting around in a maserati? "nah':
That haze king guy doe, he's the ish." He winked at Sid.
that is just mean, said dud. "I wish you could know how it feels."'I wish I could too', said Hank. "no, you don't". Tbh, I do, said Hank.
Listen, I have a plan. You know the way to paradise, right? Sure, said Hank, nodding. So you find someone to cover here, we head for paradise, we camp out there, hang with BJ, wait for the Haze king to show."
What about the paper? said hank.
yeah, I'm on that. It's almost done. Three pages? Could you maybe expand a bit? I mean, most dissertations are like a hundred pages, minimum.
A hundred pages? Could take days, weeks maybe and I'm in pain here.
Well the sooner you get to it the sooner its done, right?
Can you not just write it for me?
Ah, its a collaboration, ok?

Three am at the haze ward, and orderly Hank the Handler is on patrol. Milk dud barges into the break room. alright where's Jah, I've got issues. "you can say that again", hank agrees, swigging on a glass of milk. It's all about you isn't it? here-have some milk and cookies. NO I DO NOT want milk and cookies, yells dud. I did some work on the dissertation, now Where is that wanna be javelin throwing nazareth cupid? I'm telling you Im sick of this insomnia crep, I want justice over here."spoiled child", hank shakes his head. At least God got your attention."yeah well, i want his attention so go tell him i"m waiting out here."
Epic fail approach. Can't get a rise out of Jah no matter what I say.
half an hour later, having paced up and down to no avail. dud again appears in the break room. "Porca miseria, abbia misericordia. Levami questa lancia dal mio petto, che mi fa troppo male, non posso dormire.(for petes sake have mercy, take this spear out of my chest, it hurts, I can't sleep.
Hank looks up. Jesus christmas, Milk dud. Jesus christmas yourself, mi fa male, ok. If I dont get some sleep, I'll start coughing and you know how that drives you crazy.
Alright, here-the angel stretches out a hand made of fire. It's only temporary though, go lay down.


The adventures of Haze Kings was pretty cool wasn't it? I thought it was cool.I wish there was more. What I mean to say is, it's not that I'm being lazy and its not that you guys were a bad audience, the whole thing was really fun and the next part was going to be about a water park where the water pipes from the miracle in Lourdes got channeled into water games and stuff, but rn it's not working. I can't do it. so if you want stuff like this there is a ton of comics you can read or watch that are kind of like that.

ten am at Milagrosa, and Felipe emerges from the kitchen wiping his hands on his frente. QUE nochesota! He said. Espying dud asleep at the table, he said "los reyes de heyes no estan. Fueron a--"
"Si yo SE ok basta, ni dije nada de eso", dud griped. "r u creyezi? LOL Estoy aqui para cantar mi nueva cancion de Miley, "LOT RADIO USA".
The musical gabuzzi are gonna do a biker bob number, "jailhouse Lot" in honor of Elvis and the Gabuzzos.
having thus bragged her buzzo off, she fell asleep again without singing anything.

Five am in Haze Ward district and the wind god is whistling like a knife , blowing the sweet and irresistable air of DUSK AND HAZE clear across the ocean from Aeolian islands.
the moon is finally on the rise again and the stars are bright as ice.
As the nighttime stragglers wander back to the ward, dud melts the chain off the freezer with pure energy from Mt Aetna, and walks through into the tunnel which comes out at Milagrosa.
Amid the closing time vibes, a crew of angels are drinking some kind of brew, eating hogies and playing Texas holdem and the famous Italian card game scala quaranta.
Their guava canons were arrayed on the table in an impressive display.
"Il re di haze non c'e'" one of them said without even looking up. "s'ne ando alle isole di Aeolas pe mandaci lu vientu.--Carrogna,!" he exclaimed as he lost the hand.
Nun ciercu lu re di haze, dud lied fabulously. "comme vo 'tui", said the immortal being. "you're still in KINDERGARTEN anyways".
pure tu, laughed his friend, playing the decisive card. Vinco io.

So the wind is for the party? "yeah, when BOXRUCKER showed up, mefisto made us an offer so he could blow odio and geloso vibes into Brooklyn bazaar, but we countered with an offer he couldnt' refuse..Jesus sent him into a herd of swine which ran off the cliff into the Gowanus canal.

Three am at the haze ward and I mean, it is literally three am at the haze ward, and in the exceeding tranquility, the patients convinced COAST TO COAST MIDNIGHT SHIFT to switch things up by stowing away in the overhead baggage compartment on biker Bob's coast to coast flight.
One fronting Victoria Gotti with a wad of cash, the rest disguising themslves as high end Gucci suitcases, the entire crew was able to bamboozle the flight mechanics without incident. Somewhere over the sierra nevadas, they made their move.
Hey, matey, one of them said casually, gracefully rolling off the shelf, strolling into the cockpit and pointing a guava juice cannon at the pilot.
We're not going to brooklyn on the FIRST RUN.
We're not? whispered the terriied pilot who shouldn't have been flying anyways since he had a TROPICAL HANGOVER from the last trip to Bimini. Not to get off topic, the flight king continued, but I was locked in to th e Lot and That was a great show that guy First Run did btw.
we're not going to Bk before we take a little detour to the haze fields over in Bogogi, And, crazy colleauges' note? we think all LOT RADIO shows are great, including our own, of course! lol
The hijackers had not counted on this though: prolonged exposure to hte sugar gas tends to cause reckless types to forget why they were going to do exactly what they forgot they were going to do, so the hijacking kind of went south, or actually, east to brooklyn and upon arrival everyone calmly checked in to the pods and went to sleep and tbh I think even the feds who were investigating the haze cloud were taking a snooze too.


three am at the haze ward and not a creature was stirring (not even a mouse.) Having watched willie wonkas factory 17 times followed by Lab Rats: the vanishing, where modded out humans disappear into a Japanese bionic laboratory.
Milk dud had an idea and snuck down to the hospital kitchens, jimmying the lock on the pantry door with a bicicle tripode.
This was more difficult than she thought, since she was inherently lazy and had never actually mastered this art.
Once inside, she removed all the chocolate and put it in a large pot on the stove.
As the aroma began to spread to the upper floors, di Mucci appeared in the doorway. M'ch'fa? he queried in classic gabuzzo slang.
Niunt, dud said, sniffing the mixture. " Vatt'unu riposa"
I see what that is, you Prima donna, said di mucci, you stole all the chocoate pe' quel tizio la.
"quale tizio, quale tizio"
"ehi ehi ehi stupido si ma cretino non sono", Dion argued, "Piglio io quel cioccolate allora. k non lo catamu pe quel tizio solo, capisti?"
"hey, what's all this" siad miley and mccandless. There was a kerfuffle, and Fetty pulled a piece (it was an old habit).
The haze patrol which had just changed shifts, were thus obliged to shoot off another haze rocket which caused the Department of Environment and Pollution to get curious when they smelled something sweet and noticed a unusual looking cloud billowing over the area.
Is that what I think it is, said one fed to the other?

Three am at the haze ward and it was totally peaceful. Before going to sleep, the crew of inmates had gone over their haze theory grades. (peachy had tried to make the grades more understandable)

Yeah I got a D to the fifth power. On the reaL? yeah, Definitely Drunk and Disorderly Dion Di Mucci, Dion guffawed.
Milk dud and Miley were going over mazerati designs
"If we melt down some alloys we can make our own" miley explained as they perused pix of the most slamming vehicles ever designed by mortals.
At three am, the usual shift change for perimeter patrol, dud woke up. There was only silence and calm. Rubbing her eyes, she peered out the window. Not even a bicycle thief was visible.
The perimeter, she said groggily, fetty will u go check it? Archangel's crew might be planning a takeover.
Dud, that was Costers' t shirt ok? Just go back to sleep.

5 Feb 2019. Three am at the haze ward, and the various patients are sick of watching pirated copies of Aquaman and get to talking about stuff. So there's no release date from this haze thing? Mccandless mumbled as he mawed another macedonia (Italian fruit salad). "Apparently not", wap was buried in a pile of cantelopes. "whole thing is just wack". He spat a flurry of small pellet like seeds (u know how those cantalope seeds r) at mccandles to get him riled up, but it didnt' really do much.
Could you pass the nutella? Said milk dud, I'm trying to put nutella on my nutella.
THUD. they all looked up to discover that Miley had fallen through a hole in the roof. We all know she was having issues "dancing with molly".
"omg did willie wonka make that hole with the elevator?" milk dud wondered.
TARNATION that hurt, miley yelled. No, I don't really know how I got here. I was listening to army of lovers and then somehow I just fell down in here. Did you say MOLLY?
I have some lollies here, just melted hersey bars, dud said sleepily.
Is it just me or is the air kind of weird in here, Miley said. You want to hijack a cookie truck and head over to Rico's crab shack and do some surfing? We might even find chris's kayak marooned in some cove someplace.

4 Feb 2019. When last we met in the haze ward, we were jamming with dion dimucci. No one however anticipated the arrival of famous outdoorsman Chris "Alexander supertramp" Mccandles. Mccandles was in fact part of the corn cult tribe in the remote dakota plains which wap and dud thought they had invented, but which in fact did exist. When cult leader wayne Westerbrook was pinched for the exceedingly dangerous crime of siphoning off tv signals with a bootleg wire, Supertramp decided to head for the "westerbrook" and went kayaking down the coast of Cali, only to find himself illegally on the Mexican side. Desperately hungry, as he had not eaten in 234 days, he chanced upon the honey which had spilled from Mulry's satellite hive when Wap and di Mucci had crashed into it. Unfortunately, the honey was booby trapped with color dye from some M and Ms that the haze farmers had fed to the avispas in order that they might trace any boosted beewack. He got the color dye all over himself and was easily spotted by Harris's deputies who were constantly on patrol in boosted bugattis.
And thus, was apprehended and delivered to the sugar ward, where he consumed a record sixty five thousand honey buns and admitted that that was better than eating moldy potatoes and dying in some bus out in Bumfuzz someplace.

3 FEBBRAIO 2019.
we can't get out of the haze ward where we have been since last DECEMBER,not even to visit crazy colleagues like Dionisio Di Mucci, aka King of the Bronx and OG doo wop crooner.
luckily Dionisio named for the God of Intoxication, was admitted to the ward himself with high sugar levels after recording a song called "I left the gun, but I put away a dozen cannoli".
(People think this is about God and I mean, maybe it is, who knows?) He buddy copped with Fetty and they attempted a second parachute jump but this time they landed in an apple orchard which the haze farmers had planted so they could climb up and snack while dozing in the evening hours.
the orchard was watched over by the avispas of James Mulry, who had a satellite colony from which haze kings paid him a yearly honey tax.
Crashing into the apple trees, the unlucky musicians landed smack dab in the hive. Ouch.

It is not widely known that Dion and the Belmonts was originally known as Dion and the Gabuzzos. It is likewise not widely known that Dion almost died on this day exactly 60 years ago, but his Gabuzzo roots saved him as he didnt want to spend $35 on a plane ticket and thus, was not on the plane when it crashed. Life is weird. Finally, it is not widely known that There is a Ginzo version of Donna the Prima donna. Its on youtube, but we all inchoxicated so we just gonna let u find it. CIAO FACCIE BELL.


In a rash and unprecedently show of --well, of something, Milk dud and a gang of rag tag rateros downed a case of no doze and hijacked a Cookie Truck belong ing to "Nj Organizations." They consumed all available sugar, and on the high provided, blitzed across country on a tip from Aloha Got Soul, stopping only to siphon off gas with a water pipe.

Halfway through, the trail faded into a boysonberry bush, and there is nothing further to report at this time.

Unfortunately, the duet between Lloyd and Fetty Known as "again" was nudged out of first place at the "haze junkies choice awards" by a sugary and rolf worthy dud number, "Haze flag".
Since this is almost as bad as Tay tay, miley and ariana singing George Michael on cotton candy, we do apologize.
Also when these tracks just get cut without rehearsal or lyric tweaking they kinda scratchy.

THE MACK GETS SACKED (with mangoes).
At Gangsta HQ, wap was having none of Ocasio's white girl rap.
After she went back to Washington, where, he reminded her with glee, aint nobody got bling in the bank lately,
He fired up an all night beer pong game with his boys, and blasted ghetto beats from the roof while he vetted his homies for another haze takeover stealth mission.
Milk dud is history, he said, she's just trippin on that fool and his disco posse out in the city. But I got Frankie's haze maps out of her muchillo when she was passed out.
He waved the map around. Who's down for another run at the fields?
Give it up, confetti. Lloyd said quietly. The fields belong to Jah. You wont be getting any sleep until you quiet down.
Who let u in, sugar man? Fetty said. I tole u I was out. Go dance ballet with your freaks.
You bustin no one with your bleached out bedhead weave, Lloyd answered in a matter of fact way.
Behind all that, you just a scared little ratero. "I know u want to get hazed again, baby. That gangsta lifestyle been driving u crazy."
"OK I want haze but I ain't dealing with u."
That's just your pride talking, and u know that its true. I'd go out of my way to heal u. I ain't playing no games to cheat you."
Fetty attempted to answer back and shook his mind for somethign to rhyme with "foo'" which is what he wanted to call Harris.
Instead he found himself laying his firearm on the table.
Aaight, look there it is ok.
Fair enough, said the legend, laying a sack of mangoes on the table. Here.

RETURN OF HTE MACK is just, a bad detour, but it is the way Fetty Wap is feeling rn because he "cruisin" like a bad boy, and he has convinced himself that left all the hassle behind.
Because, when the haze on your tail at three oclock in the morning, sure its' a trip but don't u think about just sliding out the back? OF COURSE YOU DO, we all human.
(And authors' note? The most appealing way is anarchy because deep down, as Sarah Bareilles says, who died and made anybody king of anything? Except haze king, which is an office bestowed by Jah. So in my gut I am deeply suspicious of any kind of authority and only a sugar coma can convince me otherwise.)
As Fetty arrived at headquarters to regress back to slammin Gabuzzo style, he was confronted by Alessandra Ocasio Cortez, who urged him to reconsider.(you can see her in the video but the portrayal is off.)
Wap, we can fight this thing, she said compellingly. "nothing doing, honky tip queen" fetty shot back. "HONKY?" yeah girl u whiter htan a sugar pop rn.
And speaking of sugar, dud been making me sick. U should be talking at her, not me."

This JUSTIN -- PORK CHOPS for dinner, Amourette won the Oskars, Mann. (help me now lol.)
Local news feeds are MUTE, and have not been able to get further intel on the situation at Sloane Kittering, since a heavy haze has been hanging over the hospital all day.
An unconfirmed source said that a red faced doctor whose corrupt governor friend attempted to wreck Haze King crops by crop dusting with bad seed,
was being held hostage after losing consciousness during some kind of argument,
and that an overeager and reckless Milk dud, en route to join Wap in the mazerati, had passed out in the hallway and been returned to the sugar ward.

As the packet of Lloyd prime hit the floor, the doctor's already red face began to glow like a pomegranate. (not a lulo granata or a pinya colada but we digresse.)
Suddenly, an unfamiliar voice with a friulian accent entered the conversation. "you hypocrite" it said. "brood of vipers, who told you to blame my crew for your power hungry robotic consumeristic and NOT VERY ANALOGUE empty soul?
It was the voice of non other than deceased film director and outspoken social critic Paolo pasolini.
The doctor recognized him, as he had been troubling the doctor's conscience in dreams.
batshit ? the doctor retorted. I knew the circus was in town, just didnt know they had a zombie sideshow this time.
Hurry batshit, your precious street dog is escaping in my Mazerati. There are VARIOUS WAYS out of the neighborhood--and back to the backwoods of GEORGIA where the poor little no account people RULE.
still, you KNOW all the WAYS--so You might be able to stop him before the cops do. Just be careful-I dont' think he's had his shots."
speaking of shots, while the doctor was distracted, Harris had pulled his sugar piece and seized the moment to let it fly, hazing the doctor into some nebula far, far away from 42nd street.

WED Jan 23. THANKS forty deuce those stories are so great, the music is so great, thanks Spurge and Noah for "projects". thanks Fawlty for "advice".
We got to stop him, lloyd said, the sugar gas has unpredictable behavior. He and dud yanked a bedsheet from the stretcher and prepared to follow Wap out the window.
"not so fast" shouted the Mazerati-bereft doctor, fuming in the doorway after having figured out instantly what was afoot.
Well well well if it isn't Haze King harris and one of his pathetic little groupies.
Too bad for you rubes, my friend is the governor of that particular neck of the backwoods where you been growing your contraband.
We just might be running a water pipe through there to water our golf course out in snazzville or wherever.
As he gesticulated wildly, his face appeared puffed out from some kind of stimulant.
U sure you don't need a few days in the sugar gas ward, LLoyd said softly, reaching for a small pistol concealed in his kicks.
As if in reply, a bag of Lloyd prime haze fell out of the doctors pocket onto the floor.

come and get your love,k said harris, "Sammiches?" Wap groaned. I wanted sky juice.
.No cuppa juice for now, lloyd replied. R dot was on hte ovens, he has an obsession--Sammiches it is.
Unbeknownst to the lot crew, while pretending to jam to Rdots stream of Unscented reggae and obscure french arabic garden academy trax, Lloyd had been eavesgropping on dud and wap.
So, yeah, lloyd you need to hit the hangar, brotherman. Siad feppy wat. There's a jonesy tribe up north preparing for war over the few remaining sugar stashes.
Indeed, lloyd mused. Whereabouts might that be/
Up in the Sierra nevadas, said fetty.
At that place where they grow pinas for the coladas, dud shrieked at the same moment.
wap elbowed her in the gust but too late.
They grow pinyas in the northern territories? lloyd rasied an eyebrow. They must have a big greenhouse.
Now see dats it now, thats it, Fetty lost his cool. Home girl been trippin on you so bad she hurling cherry juice all over my slippers, I aint down with this ish no more, I'm OUT.
grabbing a hospital gown as a parachute (better than a record jacket anyways) he leaped out the window. "Fetty!" they cried, as he managed to land in the drivers' seat of a doctor's rented Mazerati

At the sugar gas coma ward at Sloane Kittering, the remorseful Legend had gone off to find snacks for the disoriented Fetty Wap, while Wap brainstormed with his buddy cop, striving to plan the bamboozlement of said legend with the hope of gaining access to unlimited trips of sugar.
initially they were sketching out a plan that he ride Hidalgo style to drop haze on sugar-starved Lakota Sioux tribes.
Dud, idk about this, said wap dubiously. You don't seem to be thinking clearly plus the legend said we need to groove with Jah before makign any moves.
Dude, Im jonesin, forget the titrate, we run things, dud fidgeted. We can hit Jah up later.
Now I have the map of haze king territories, I jacked it off Frankie's desk earlier when I was more myself.
But the hospital won't discharge us until the sugar gas is out of our system.
homie that could be days, we got to do this like yesterday. How about we light off some lulo grenades in that dumpster down there and then blow out the back entrance? Maybe fabio is out there with some butts, we could get his advice on that.
Girl, you cant even get to the bathroom wihtout falling down, wap replied.
But a lot of people seem to be distracted by DK rn. maybe we could send ASTRO NAUTICA they might use some dat SPORTS SONG odwalla energy drink to shoot over to the haze field district, wap suggested.
Suddenly Lloyd appeared in the d oor, and said, Here's some snacks for the woozy. Come, and get your love.

.TUESDAY . 22 Gen.
Astro nautica voialtri siete la malattia proprio pericolosa.wwwsportsongs.com
Im chilling offsides but big ups to the pm djs, Deewee to the Max cetera cetera.
You thought that was the bridge of angels, bernini innit? but no actaully its being built by music from Lot Radio district right over to Rome.
have to write that into the saga too. lol.
So yeah Soul Clap what sound can OG sicilian NOT make with the mouth, animal sounds, voices, musical instruments and all sound perfectly legit.
As well as recite danta lighe poetry and speeches of Cesare from memory too even though illeterate.
that was great di maggi!!! you skilla!!! need to write that into the saga somehow lol
WILL DI MAGGIO PROVIDES SOUNDTRACK FOR LOT RADIO/CAstel sANT ANGELO CONSTRUcTION PROJECT. Sick mofo beat master di Maggio showed up unannounced at Lot radio district to enable Soul clap to construct a bridge allowing Musical mafia to cross while an Italin Dj what was the name, bamboozled the carabinieri by making a dead on imiatation of a police car and then announcing "ALL CARS TO REBIBBIA THERE HAS BEEN A HAZE KING ESCAPE."which of course was ridik, since the haze king has never been apprehended by law enforcement due to he just hazes them out.

Back at Loane Kittering, Lloyd was at the bedside of an apparently still groggy Fetty wap.
"dude, I'm sorry I had to haze you out, the legend said softly."
Brotherman, why did u do it? Fetty groogged. My head feels I drank a case of Remy, boy.JAJAJJ.
I can't let haze fiends like you and dud control the field. The haze would all get spewed randomly into the air without any kind of purpose.
Are you saying the fiends can't handle haze right now? fetty said, with a touch of hostility.
You have to groove with Jah first, lloyd explained and you been groovin with the 1738 crew too long, you lost the thread.
As the haze breath wafted into the room, Wap breathed deeply and calmed down. Hey can u go get me a cherry somoothie at the cafeteria? Ask fabio, he'll give u one for like 755% off.
Now see you overdosing, lloyd said kindly. You got to titrite the haze. Maye some popcorn for now ok homie.
He's gone, said dud.ok heres the plan.
There was an awkward silence for about three millenia as dud tried to find her way out of the exploding super haze galaxy trail, left when Lloyd exited the room.

CRAZY COLLEAGUES SUCCEED IN LOCATING HAZE STASH IN LOT RADIO DISTRIcT. While nursing lulo tree crash wounds at Lot radio court yard, CC again attempted to ambush Parasecoli who was examining the possibility of concealing the portapotty behind a guanabana bush.
taking a smoke break under pretext of Shakespeare poetry review, they lured fabio by asking him to "pray play upon yon water pipe which we can use to run water into the container" then overwhelmed him and wrested his secret haze stash from his backpack.
Angry wanna bee Greeks upset a baklava tray which had also been condemned by the board of health for excessive sugar due to fact sugar gas debris from Lloyd's rocket had been in the atmosphere when the baklava was being baked, JAJAJAJJAJAJAJJAj

Dismayed and frustrated at the failure of Fetty wap to gain control of Lloyds haze, wildly jealous of the Haze Kings' South Cal throne room crib, and foiled by the foibles of portapotty woe, Crazy Colleagues of Fabio Parasecoli ambushed the good natured fincador outside the New School's back alley smoke break spot.
They forced him to hand over some winter tarps he'd been using to shield cherry smoothie stock trees from the sudden cold snap, believing the tarps would allow them to fall more slowly then the record jacket used by Wap, and thus retain the element of surprise when joining battle with Fat Guys and Chat Cats.
However the plan went ARI jajaj and blown off course by rogue wind currents, they plummeted like WAY wide into a lulo patch belonging to Lolo's half brother Lalo. Bunch of Luna crazed Lunatics, the locals muttered. must be the cherry moon. Unless its Will Thomas Bullshit. Timo, non temo di dimenticarti!!


The shows were all solid sass yesterday, I dont even say sass because it was chill and cool, start to finish.
The patriots got reggaed out, no one could even find their way out of the stadium, is what I heard, and then THE MOON
and since behind on the lava stuff, though there is a huge amount of funny tunes which sprouted in the musical earth, even to put into a new musical called "cherry hurl: chat cats with the goods" or something like that,(chat cats tm jorbik mittens)
those sets morphed the vitality theology so Im just gonna grab it and make the January review now.
If you want to haze, tune in LOT RADIO.
for a laugh, listen to the hater queen tune below,
if you want to cry, listen to Candy isn't casual under the ADDICTION AND TREATMENT tab.
FROM BRIAN SEARS TO BUDDY COP REALLY SICK chill set so far. THANKS FOR COMING and talking, totally chill. the whole conversation and show was so great, how much do we appreciate those stories about tangible ipods? SO MUCH, it is the best, even though the weather made it hard to stay connected to the stream.
Yeah ci sono dei stronzate but che se ne frega?
later I will riff off dadju to pay tribute to today's DJS if I can figure out the words.
Idk if this is too juvenile to go into the menu bar but "my soul will have to wait" just had to holler Dion style at the hater. HAD TO. Lol.
The only lyrical error is that where I said I get an Ulcer I was supposed to say my lung collapses, that was to make FGF laugh.
Actually there is one other error I was supposed to say I got some haze for you instead of I got a beef with you becuase its more Jah like.
In future will try to write all lyrics down beforehand

Week of Jan 13,

hope all yall geting a big dose of VITAMINS tn so the snow wont bury u!!!
In case the snowstorm which is starting around 6pm takes out the internet, there is a tune drop under ADDICTION AND TREATMENT which is boring like the other one but thats' how it goes,
and there should be a fabuzzo drop because its the full moon coming soon so let me see what comes up.
UPDATE: Everybody is just sick and yeah, the planets are listening.
We have a sicilian corn cult in the works.
b and p dropping serious heat all over the invisible city which metamorphed last night to duk the farce.
AND IN CASE the 60 quejas hater is listening, just have to holler out to you rn.
And anticipating you gonna say "balotelli is just a gangsta and dadju is a wanna be balotelli" well in that case kind sir/madam you are a wanna be dadju so it call kinda karmas out.

Having subdued the WAP rebellion from the haze field with sugar gas weapons, Harris moved to seize the entire Palm springs district.
THIS IS A HAZE OUT TAKEOVER, Lloyd warned, flanked by fellow haze masters Rain Stick and nathan. NOBODY MOVE, NOBODY GETS HAZED. (JAH JAH FOREVER.) amen.

UP TO THE MINUTE HAZE WARNINGS provided by accuhazer weather services

Dismayed and frustrated at the failure of Fetty wap to gain control of Lloyds haze, wildly jealous of the Haze Kings' South Cal throne room crib, and foiled by the foibles of portapotty woe, Crazy Colleagues of Fabio Parasecoli ambushed the good natured fincador outside the New School's back alley smoke break spot.
They forced him to hand over some winter tarps he'd been using to shield cherry smoothie stock trees from the sudden cold snap, believing the tarps would allow them to fall more slowly then the record jacket used by Wap, and thus retain the element of surprise when joining battle with Fat Guys and Chat Cats.
However the plan went ARI jajaj and blown off course by rogue wind currents, they plummeted like WAY wide into a lulo patch belonging to Lolo's half brother Lalo. Bunch of Luna crazed Lunatics, the locals muttered. must be the cherry moon.

Lloyd the Legend, having seized the southern coast of California set up his throne at Palm Springs and using distribution routes watched over by cali allies and vehicles provided by the now pacifically minded (jajajajjaj) Gabuzzos, who hadn't shot anybody in months, years maybe, began to disperse haze all over Hell, and half of the Cammino Real.
Feeling remorse for having hazed out Fetty wap, he went to visit him at Sloane Kittering.
Milk dud was in an adjoining cubicle presenting with the same symptoms of sugar gas coma.
Harris is on the way, she said to Wap. Time to buddy cop.
How do you know? he said
Because I just rolled down the hall and crashed into a bunch of doctors, md explained (jajaja md hahha). Only the haze could expalin that.
Now we can take back the haze field and maybe even trade some haze for a few toilets for the Brooklyn location.
Knowing Lloyd's wish to provide haze to all in need, The two planned to bamboozle him with tales of a sugar starved tribe in a remote area of the Dakota plains.
meanwhile, in Lloyds absense, a crew from the set of popular back tot he woods reality show "fat guys in the woods" headed up by bear paw or whoever that guy is, had squatted on the prize haze field and become addicted, building primitive huts and digging wells, and agreeing to just "hang out there indefinitely."
The producers likewise had become oddly unconcerned with anythign else but the musical ehchiza wafting off the earth in the area.
At the same time, the BK haze fiends were wandering around lost, having lost waps nose they had advanced no further on the hunt until they stumbled upon the field, and collided with the newbie campers.
Now began the battle of Fat guys in the woods, against chat cats with the goods.

"HARD CORE HAZE FIENDS REFUSE TO ACCEPT FETTY'S APOLOGY: Ok this is over the top, so just don't even bother to deal with it.
Greenpoint, 11 pm Thursday jan 17.
An apologetic Fetty Wap appeared via video feed from his Sloane Kittering hospital bed this evening to console junkies who had missed their Harris haze fix due to wap's being hazed out himself and falling into a sugar gas coma.
Most of the crew were more than pacified, particularly given the stellar lineup presented today which included such luminaries as PORK CHOP!!!! and IN THE DARK among others.
but a few of the more spoiled (or maybe just ridiculous) among the crew felt this way:

Don't pay any mind to Will Turner.
He's just a drama queen.

17 January Associated Press. Green point.
This is a breaking update on the haze duster hijacking story.
After a fruitless night searching for the haze fields of local legend lloyd,
at about 4 am eastern time, feverish haze junkies contacted fetty wap, who boarded the boosted plane and was able to home in on the haze field (despite a haze bank that obscured all views)due to extra sensitive olfactory perception (sometimes people with only one eye have a better sense of smell.)
He leapt from the plane using only a vinyl recod jacket as a parachute and this cannot be blamed on his being a redhead cuz he's not.(cf Aquaman's gf).
Touching down on target, he said to Lloyd, hey whats up hello, to which lloyd replied, "I seen your redbone ass soon as u fell out the haze floor."
A kerfuffle ensued, and at one point Fetty pulled a piece out of his jeans, and lloyd laughed and fired a haze rocket whihc exploded sugar gas in a five mile radius and everyone passed out.

HAZE JUNKIES HIJACK PLANE AT JFKLocal haze addicts have hijacked a plane wednesday evening, allegedly in a bid to tail Haze King Harris to the source.
Witnesses say they heard the tweaking crew agree that "it aint no backwoods what lloyd rolls" and the only solution was to dog him unti they found the field where he'd seeded the goods.
We will update this story as new evidence is brought to light.