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This is milk dud and just wanted to clarify a few points so there is no confusion. ( a la Wittgenstein.)
. 1. I am 100% of European descent and there is not an ounce of cherokee, chihuahua or anything else.
2. The European culture was pretty vital for a long time, then got off the track due to excessive hubris--(the whole Nietzche thing, God is dead, beyond good and evil)--- and ended up imploding in the 2nd World War--what do I mean by imploding? Infighting, existential crises, nihilism, nuclear bombs, angst, suicide, ennui, depression--RD LAING, you name it we got it.
Wittgenstein's family is a good example of what happened,
European culture. is struggling to find its bearings again and adjust to global situations.
3. And so, ironically, it was temporarily more stable for some people in my family, to spend time elsewhere, even with undocumented people, which explains all these languages, habits and dialects and "marginalized" life in general, which is an ambiguous concept anyway.
You learn these customs so as to blend in and not get singled out.
4.As to spelling, I know how to spell in English perfectly well and I am fairly familiar with the standardized versions of Italian and Spanish and French too and I have studied poetry esp. epic poetry in Greek, Latin and Hebrew
Coding on my cell phone I sometimes get lazy and the other half of the time, it's a joke because spelling is standardized by the "fascist patriarchal culture" that we all talk about ad infinitum which robs it of a certain joy and musicality, and of course culture has to have order in it and also of course you can laugh at that order too, like Blue Jemz would, I believe.( note that he went to Europe to learn about Greek drama which kind of ties in with the whole Pasolini thing.)
5. As to maseratis, that is a joke too which, a lot of drug dealers think it is the best thing to roll up in a ride like that.
But what is really cool about it is the beauty, and the feeling of the wind in your face and of course that is not contingent on having a million dollar muscle car but again, when in Rome, do as the romans so I learned something about expensive muscle cars too.
So, hopefully you can all rest easy knowing that.

This is about God and some other stuff, so if you're not interested, don't bother to read it.
As to marginalized cultures and identity, Jesus was born into an oppressed culture, and also lived in Egypt as a foreignor, so He needed a very strong sense of his own identity, probably like Moses.
Why do I bring this up? This past summer, I felt disconnected from a lot of things, including the world cup which has always been a constant for me, a way to remember things, and so I started bingewatching Robin Williams movies because he is so humourous.
While watching Club Paradise I got addicted to this song American Plan by Jimmi cliff and with that pre-cognitive intuition that St Agustine talks about, (Blue Jemz again, its musical psychology) I just overdosed on this song for weeks wtihout knowing why.
At at one point Jah or God or Jesus or whoever you wish to call the Spirit of Life, indicated to me that that song was about His people too, the jews, or any marginalized person.

As to the haze king thread. Crushing is nothing new, I mean, I crush on stuff all the time, people, songs, whatever.
Not so that I felt confused about who I was though.
When you are exposed to a lot of different cultural identities then you need a strong sense of your own identity based on the universal realities like trees and grass and sun and wind, they are universal to everyone and yes we participate that reality (Owen Barfield) but it is still very real.
And so if something appears able to actually get into your identity, I guess its an unfamiliar situation and you want to make it familiar, so I made it into an adventure and called it "adventures of haze" and now it seems like this was an immature reaction but there you have it.HOME.