Thiis invoice for work performed is actually a true and not an imagined invoice

October 2017: Excavation and removal of metal fencing and posts from property P and transportation to landfill
discussion with gas company about safety of pipe system owing to strong odor of gas on premises P
November 2017 construction of temporary concrete block stairway leading up to kitchen door,
including manual clearing dirt of all trees, plants, rocks and trash and leveling it to make stair way possible
December 2017 Gas was turned off due to bill being attributed to prior account, and water froze in pipes causing pipes to burst, melt and spew water in backyard for days.
Problem was rectified with plumber
December Through February continual maintenance of pathway and clearing of snow and ice for physical access to premises P
and establishment of accounts for heating, electricity and water on premises P.
March 2018, mattress was delivered through adjacent property to premises P, allowing for comfortable sleep on premises
Other furniture is put together from odds and ends, resulting in a table and two desks made of old doors and cardboard boxes and wooden boxes.
Failed attempt to trap rodents who are living on premises P inside the dwelling.
May-August 2018, tree cutting and ground levelling and hoeing with hand tools, and wall and walkway building from stones and bricks found on premises begins in earnest.
An incredible amount of work is performed by hand,
including the continual preparation of the earth, excavacation and placement in wall of rocks and chopping up of trees after the've been cut down
July 2018, windows, doors and screens are fixed to prevent rodent and insect invasions from outdoors
August 2018, plumber inspects home to determine whether it is possible to install air conditioning and washer/dryer
Typed by Milk Dud Gabuzzo-Montagna for Gabuzzo Property Management August 25, 2018
Prepared by Big Al Gabuzzo