The Gabuzzos believe it or not have eaten a tremendous variety and quantity of beans in their life.
For example, garbanzos known to them as cecci, also fave, black beans, black eyed peas, red beans, pinto beans, lima beans
and during the fasts of Lent and St Michael, which is actually going on now, LENTICCHE until they are coming out your ears!
At times the more greedy Gabuzzis, Milk Dud among them, become cranky and angry if disallowed from eating steaks and swigging wine for forty days,
and must be compensated with calamari spaghetti in addition to the fave.
Hungry and desperate Gabuzzi have been known to knock over food pantries during economic pandemonium demanding bread.

supplement your diet with garden variety melons, seeds are free to garden organizations such as the gabuzzi garden LLC
  • tomato sauce
  • frozen vegetables