The DEUX AMIS BOMBOMIERE is the fruit of a dream long held by the irrepresible but dim witted Gabuzzo known as Quentin the Dumbell.
Montargis was often snared in currency heists due to his confusion over the exact nature of money, and whether or not it could be used to gain entrance to ICE AGE double feature matinees.
He also had a fondness for boosting cop cars because they had cool sirens on the roof.
Incredibly, this siren feature prompted Dumbell to prefer cop cars to muscle cars if a choice had to be made.
After unintentionally infuriating and then cold cocking every cellie known to the prison, he was paired with the silent, brooding assassin known as Ruby Plutot.
Dumbell cheerily dogged the frustrated Plutot all over Paris (and half of Georgia) befuddling mob bosses, police detectives and shrinks alike, and momentarily scaring away Plutot's crush, while Plutot repeatedly failed to ditch the bumbling giant, and was astonished at Dumbell's fighting skills, home grown medical knowledge and apparent inability to be angry with Plutot no matter what happened.
until the killer finally relented and agreed to his plan.