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for Real Jesu there is like hundreds of pages here.
Ok this is FREAKING EMOTIONAL. (We need to take it off the internet or give it a password or something, password protect for real because there might be a link I forgot to take down and also, anyone who has a neocities account is probably reading every flipping update and this is not TMZ ok people are so nasty!).
I have no idea how it happened but it did and the whole thing like flipped my life over. It was like open heart surgery on my emotional heart, and dont think it didnt hurt like hell after I woke up. IT DID. Now I feel so flipping weird ok so just bear that in mind when u are reading it there are plenty of other materials we could use for this whole psych thing we dont have to use this. Its all over youtube MICROSOFT BACKED SPIN, TED TALKS AND COLLEGE TALKS ETC we can use any of that. We have to put it in a context, right? Ok. I mean psychology is kind of private so is love, that's a private thing sometimes. Its= delicate right. And obviously its not a one week class. Thats funny! LOL.
Also this is not the Lloyd from "lloyd ladies team" that guy is a pXXp . ok. I never even heard of that.
This album is featured here as an example of what Musical Psychology actually does irl.
It is also being considered for a "jemmy" which is when Buscemi dumps blue jemz all over you. yeah. ok so maybe its not good enough for that yet. Now he's gonna come after me big time JAJAJAJAJAJAJA.
This may also be used as a syllabus for the class "whole honkin load" which is the way that Childish Gambino reacted when she couldnt figure out the musical psychology.
LOL The real name of the class is Drunk as Dionisio, dangerous disc jockey addictions.
ok thats not the real name either Im just messing around. This would be a one week class where you listen to four songs per day and attempt to grasp the psychology of it. If you fail, that's because you don't understand histoire de coeur so go back and listen to it again.


About this class: This is a class on musical sociology and psychology which is a new and emerging interdisplinary field.
Each week we will look at the scientific basis behind this fascinating BLA BLA BLA BLA About the course content provider: Madison Di cetera cetera has spent the past five years off and on working for a non profit educational company in website design. As a result of this, she is familiar with non profit legal and business issues, including tax forms, corporate filings and the like, and to some degree with property management as well including indoor and outdoor maintenance and labor. She holds a Liceo diploma from that organization and has participated in a variety of interesting projects relative to that. This past year Madison participated in a crusha seminar following which her creative bent went from warped to wacko. She worked on sociology and film theory and music. im getting tired lets finish it. She now produces sappy songs that are fit for a Taylor Swift/Ariana Grande/Mo bamba IM KIDDING but not really. collab repress concert. not only that but she laughs howls and weeps the whole time while doing it. Its best not to witness these episodes on a full stomach. She is also designing classes on the METOO movement and MUSICAL PSYCHOLGOY which is this one. Madison is considerably familiar with various cultures and languages, such as Latin American, French, Southern Italian and German. As well as having studied a wide range of material. She is now pursuing a degree in phenomenology and its relationship to psychology, psycho-biology and music. (what would be really cool is to study the phenomenology of mystical paradise in the Eucharist, how does it teach people to write songs without them knowing? How is music so mystical, how do the angels create the world like actually. Like when Giordani and all that and you're sleeping but your mind is not. dreams etc. And were the Giordani originally living in the district where john the baptist and Lucio Battisti I mean how does all that come together.) How does it wound Padre Pio? how does it do all these wacko things? What is the physics of hte Shroud? What is the DNA of Jesus? How did it resurrect his body? etc.) Madison is friendly, creative, and enthusiastic and is at her best when involved in group projects. She loves to mess around in the water (think, capsized watercraft), she loves animals and she sings constantly. She has been known to collect graphic tees until the drawer is stuffed. LOL If not monitored she burns the whole day away yakking. DOESNT EVERYONE? HELLO/ What a load of huey. Well, has to be done.
Prior to the CTT songs, there was a prayer by the protagonist to God, that if the "commadri" did not die, because he was sick at the time, that she would put his music into the public somehow.

And he did not die. still, she was unable to see how to fulfill her part of the bargain at the time. It is not clear how long ago this was but it was way before the CTT Post Malone songs.

Prior to this story, there were a couple of songs in the work which shed light on the origins of the Bensonhurst graduation situation.
The first one, a remake of WHITE IVERSON, started out something like this:
Im dropping, Im droppin Im droppin, on you, Im scratchin Im scratchin Im scrachin whooo hooo Im ballin Im ballin Corleon on YOUUUUU. Its so hot its so hot its so hot heyyy yeahh at the Lot at the Lot at the Lot oh yeah Im spinnin Im spinnin cuz I came to play.
This song was supposed to go into a video featuring Joe and Alston on the hood of a muscle car just like in the video.
The other song was a remake of flo Rida Club can't handle me, and was supposed to feature CTT coming out of the dance with fetti everywhere, and getting into a muscle car, just like in the video.
These songs were never recorded except one 30 second clip which maybe we can find it later.