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One person that speaks clearly about being visited by an angel, is Chris Reilly from Brisbane.
His video is on the ENGELFREUNDE site.
According to his description, the angel is wise, helpful, and is more full of love than any human being could be.
This would seem to be the case here too, though here, music was like a force that the angel used to accomplish his plans.
The angel's plan so far has turned out fine, it's actually fascinating.

JANUARY 25, 2019.
If you are curious about this website, it's an ongoing story about musical medicine, that is, music is changing things.
even if you don't realize it, we all need this medicine and its more than just jokes, although that is a big part of it, it goes WAY deeper than that.
It's like this river that is deeper than you think. You get into it because it looks fun to swim in and then you realize it is a lot deeper than it looked.
It started out to be a fictitious history of a Sicilian family called the gabuzzos. (TM Richard Prior.) and their interaction with "OG" online radio station, LOT RADIO.
A lot of what is in that history is taken from real life and just tweaked for use.
This part has beautiful cars, good food, homemade wine, music, family gatherings with a lot of noise, rebelling against corrupt and patriarchal authority, etc etc.
The bad parts of the malavita are kind of spun into humor as well, (maybe in order to avoid the hassle of dealing with it).
Then comes the haze part, which is where BJ the musical Godfather takes over the family, not just in the story but really, irl, and the story gets tripped by something I have no word for right now, what is referred to as "haze" from the "haze king".
You may think it is not as cool as the Original Gabuzzo part, and you may get bored, and lose interest.
But it might come out better, who knows? Either way, the story is about that trip right now, and how it all kind of gets into everything, even the Gabuzzos. HOME.